Wildlife and Culture of the Beagle Channel.

This day, we can explore the area where Atlantic Ocena Meet with Pacific Ocean, inside the Beagle Channel. Is more rich wildlife point of the area. We can watch Penguins, Birds, Sea Lions, and regulary we can watch Whales and other sea mammals.

Harberton Ranch and Gable Island Sea Kayak

Harberton Ranch and Gable Island Sea Kayak

This trip is an opportunity to contact the wildlife of the Tierra del Fuego in the most impressive environment.

From our sea kayak, we will see, incredible landscapes, and keep a lookout for wildlife!  We’ll often see lions, harbor seals, penguins, albatrosses, and many sea birds. With a full day on the water, there’s a good chance of having some fantastic wildlife encounters.

Penguins in Harberton Ranch Sea Kayak

Penguins in Harberton Ranch Sea Kayak

You will be in contact with the cultural aspects or this land, from the exactly place where the Shelters and original inhabitants meet about 250 years back.

You’ll get into the Beagle Channel, where you’re likely to encounter sea lions, Penguins of different species, condors, plenty of sea birds and a chance to see whales.

Our guides are experienced, well trained paddlers and naturalists.  This trip is not only a great paddling opportunity but also a great chance to learn about Tierra del Fuego wildlife and human history.

This trip will return to Ushuaia, downtown, sometime between 6pm and 8 pm.

Highlights: Beagle Channel, Wildlife and Sea Birds (including Penguins), History of the shelters, and Yamanas traditional people, skills about Indians technology.

  • Difficult Level: Intermediate.
  • Itinerary: Pick up in the hotel about 7.30 am, transfer to the East to the area of Lasiparsac river, go to the water in the river or in Brown bay, paddle in the area of Guarany pass, and Gable island, visiting the Penguin colony in Martillo Island, paddle to the east to Harberton ranch, and finish in the area of Harberton Bay, to visit the Estancia Houses, and Sea Mammals museum. Come Back from Harberton.






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