The last frontier… The supreme adventure for Sea Kayaker.

Cape Horn Sea Kayak Expedition

Cape Horn Sea Kayak Expedition

Inspired by the grandiose scenery and array of wildlife that exceeds anything you can imagine. Involved in one fantastic and unique mythology and history, we are in the way to experience this adventure to round CAPE HORN, in the authentic end of the world.

We propose this trip, supported by a sailboat, removed from civilization, away from the noise of engines and people. It would offer an immersion in this vast landscape where the only sounds are the wind, the squawk of birds, and the drip of a paddle. This rare trip offers that change to explore the extreme south of south America, from an intimate sea-level vantage point and ashore on foot.

Paddle around Cape Horn, and earn the right to wear an earring, in the best tradition of the old sailors…

  • Highlights: Cape Horn, Oceanic Navigation. Sailing Boat support.
  • Difficult Level: Advanced
  • Itinerary: We start and finish in Ushuaia. The first day we board our sailboat, with our kayaks and all the equipment for 10 days. Cross the Beagle Channel in direction to South East. Visit Puerto Williams, and continue to Puerto Toro, Picton Pass and Caleta Martial. In Caleta Martial we wait for the good Weather learning about local conditions. We will cross Caleta Martial with our kayaks,… and land in the Horn Island, if the weather permit. Weather are the principal conditioning for this activity. We can start before or later, depending this factor. We come back Ushuaia with the sailboat, via Puerto William.


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